About Us


We, at VEXTA, are pool of professionals from diversified fields and sectors gathered around the  idea of innovating the world of industrial medias, international logistic and supply chain management. we strive to grant the customers the  newest technologies and merchandises,  helping  our customers grow and reach the world.

Our diversified competencies and experiences give us the chance to source the best and updated products and solutions available in the global supply market, to develop environmental-friendly technologies and to help our customers find the best solution for their business.

Our committment is to deal with earnestness and dedication to our partners and customers,  knowing that every obstacle can be handled with the right  and positive approach. in any problem lies an opportunity join us and let us help you to find your way.  

It’s possible with VEXTA, let us show you how.

Our goal si to make distances shorter, to develop new and green products, new technologies.

Quality, sustainability and network cooperation are our committment.

Care, dedication, respect and sincerity are our approach to life.